SAM, the smart management of assets rail

SAM Rail

SAM Rail , the way to 'predictive proactive maintenance' with lower costs, fewer risks and better performance. The future is now!

Measurement Institute Sensornet introduces SAM, for innovative management, predictive maintenance and continuous monitoring of business critical resources; also in continuous operation. SAM makes it technologically possible to manage assets continuously, fully automatically, smartly and cost-effectively. This reduces the costs of use (tco), prevents (reputation) damage and risks and ensures better assessments (KPIs).

SAM offers transport companies a grip on maintenance, based on the actual condition of rails, overhead lines and vehicles. There are continuous measurements with only a few sensors at strategic locations. Advanced algorithms with continuous high-quality analysis of the large numbers of collected data, give maintenance advice and warn about calamities. This makes it possible to carry out preventive maintenance. If you take the quality of your equipment or infrastructure off, you are able to intervene quickly and in a targeted manner. This reduces operational costs and simultaneously increases the reputation of the carrier.

"We talk about big data, but we want up-to-date information in a simple and intuitive way".


With the combination of sound, vibrations, speeds, weather conditions, audio and video recordings, Sensornet collects (almost) real-time information for you. The combination of this data enables us to compile high-quality information per vehicle, to inform you via dashboards and / or smart alarms, regardless of your platform. Below are some examples of dynamic graphs, in which you can zoom in on detailed details with a single mouse click of management information. 



Complete overview of trams over the measurement period. With a quick selection you have all the information.


Boxplot fleet: The box plot offers you direct insight into the relationships between everything trams. In the blink of an eye, you assess whether measures are required.

2023-05: Sensornet received satisfaction statement from customer (GVB). It includes cool extra information: ".... In addition, the installation next to the tram track provided a good insight into which trams need wheel maintenance. This allows trams that cause too much noise and vibration for the surrounding area to be taken out of service in time for maintenance. As a result, the city of amsterdam experiences demonstrably fewer noise complaints, concretely a 42% decrease on average. This is a very cool result!...."


Trends fleet: In the Trends fleet you select the normative vehicles and see how the trams behave in time; or maintenance leads to the desired improvements.



Identify your entire transport area with a limited number of sensors. The measurements, analyzes and dashboards provide you with an early insight into bottlenecks, ratios and trends (differential data) of

  • rail wear detection (defects such as hard spots and wave wear)
  • noise pollution to the environment
  • vibration / load pantograph
  • traveler comfort, working conditions personnel
  • information about location and driving direction
  • compare sound in bows fairly

With a single mouse click you have real-time and continuous insight into the most important bottlenecks within your infrastructure (rail and overhead lines). All monitoring takes place on your own vehicles during the normal timetable. This means that all days are measured without any disconnection and under representative conditions. The maintenance of the limited number of sensors takes place simultaneously with your own vehicle maintenance.

Below we have included 2 examples, namely the module "Corrugation" and the module "Difference" with the "Driving direction" included.

  • The module "Corrugation" is a tool for your grinding plan. It offers you insight into where and when grinding is desired or necessary.
  • The module "Difference" provides insight into the deteriorations or improvements, both for the entire transport area or the local details.


The system continuously monitors the agreed conditions. In case of exceedances, Sensornet immediately sends an alarm by e-mail. This contains all key data, including a link to the details, in a straightforward overview. You can optimally assess how, where and when you want to take measures for an undisturbed timetable.


Intuitive operation

All your secure dashboards are equipped with a simple intuitive operation

  • with geographic and graphical components.
  • visible on every type of device with access to the internet.
  • early insight and trends in curve sound.

Coming soon

  • assess the operation or necessity of the lubrication system


See folder "Folder__Asset_Management_Rail" on our downloadpage


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